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In 1974, Dykewomon published her first novel, Riverfinger Women, under her name of birth, Elana Nachman.[2]
Her second book, They Will Know Me By My Teeth, released in 1976, was published under the name Elana Dykewoman, "at once an expression of her strong commitment to the lesbian community and a way to keep herself "honest," since anyone reading the book would know the author was a lesbian."[2]
The book of poetry, Fragments From Lesbos printed in 1981 "for lesbians only," was published under the author's current last name, "Dykewomon," in order "to avoid etymological connection with men."[2]

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To the man reporter from the denver post, poems by chocolate waters 
About the author "Ms. Waters is a lover of words and women and has been emotionally involved with both since the age of seven."